Keeping staff engaged through teacher recognition

Build a community of positivity with a few easy clicks with Standards Tracker. Boost morale and staff engagement in a dedicated space for teacher recognition,  praise and appreciation.

Deliver personalised commendations in real-time and like, share and comment to make colleagues feel valued. A simple way to make a big difference.

63% of employees who are recognised are very unlikely to look for a new job.


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‘What a great system! I wish I’d heard of this years ago. To have a system which works across the school has helped focus staff on their job description and the importance of their role. Being able to link objectives to standards is a really useful tool in this process. Having a system where ownership is given to the appraisee to demonstrate they are meeting their targets and be able to store the evidence centrally has been welcomed by staff. The support in setting it up and getting the most out of the system has been fantastic!

Head Teacher

You know I love the application, it has been brilliant in supporting our performance appraisals


This is the most useful and effective tool we have used to support both appraisal and the evaluation of the impact of CPD. Progress over time can easily be tracked and the integration of school development planning and self evaluation means that this is your one stop shop for school improvement. The team are incredibly responsive to providing updates in response to requests from schools.


“I have just used Standards Tracker for the first time with teachers in the school. It has had very positive feedback, especially from team leaders. Like the fact that it is intuitive.”



Celebrate great work

Empower staff and create a culture of positivity by celebrating great work with interactive commendations.


Boost the morale of team members

Select one or several team members to receive a personalised commendation message on their next log in.

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Celebrate what matters to you most

Select your reasons from our pre-filled list or create one of your own to add a personal touch and make a difference.

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Fuel 1:1s with powerful commendations

Use commendations to highlight top-performing members of staff.

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Improve engagement with community

Post to the Wall of Good Karma where staff members can like, comment and interact with commendations.

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