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The theory…

Over 40 years of research shows that setting goals and providing feedback is a very reliable, proven way of increasing performance and boosting staff engagement.  However, to be effective, leaders must set the right type of goal and provide regular feedback.   Without feedback, studies show that staff members become disengaged and lose interest and commitment to achieving the goal.

How we do it

Standards Tracker is a best-in-class software platform that helps overcome both these challenges. It incorporates best practice from leading schools, giving you a simple, transparent way to direct professional development and gain visibility over performance.

Simple, effective steps to develop performance.

1. Teacher on a Page

Staff can make comments on their progress, upload evidence and receive feedback.  Likewise, appraisers can write notes, add evidence and respond with guidance.

2. Evidence

All the evidence that was once held in folders and in desk drawers is now safely stored in one place, online, and instantly accessible.

3. Objectives

Objectives are set within the system at the beginning of each appraisal cycle.  Comments and feedback can be given throughout the year to maintain commitment.

4. CPD

Keeping a log of training and CPD attended gives further evidence of progression. 

5. Document Portfolio

The portfolio of evidence lets users find a piece of evidence instantly with the search tool and the drag and drop folder structure lets them quickly and easily tag and refile documentation.

6. Scheduled forms

The system allows for evidence such as lesson observations to be scheduled at the beginning of the cycle update notifications ensure that all members of staff are provided with feedback.

1. Team Progress

Staff feel more valued when they receive little and often feedback. Recognise those that go above and beyond or who are consistently providing best practice. It’s also easy to quickly identify areas of development or urgent attention with our transparent process in case of capability or disciplinary concerns.

2. Schedule monitoring meetings

Diarise pupil progress meetings, NQT monitoring meetings, trainee review meetings, performance reviews, observations, learning walks and book looks and enable alerts so that ongoing support and monitoring is more manageable and not forgotten about.

3. Forms

Teaching and learning monitoring and assessment using bespoke forms created by leaders to specifically review focussed elements as well as the overall quality of teaching and learning. As Standards Tracker works on any device, managers can enter feedback straight onto the platform via tablet or laptop as they move from classroom to classroom.

4. Annual Review

Mid Year and End of Cycle meetings to formalise the ongoing discussions throughout the year to review objectives and evidence, provide feedback, assess progress and agree on new objectives. Simplify appraisal and progression conversations by having everything ready at your fingertips.

1. “Teacher on a Page” View

A quick and simple view of teacher performance on one page. 

  • Track development over the course of the cycle
  • View evidence tagged against the relevant standards
  • Read notes and comments made by appraisers and the teacher
Teacher on a Page

2. Organisational strengths

Uncomplicated analysis through accessible reports for SLT, governors and inspectors allows headteachers to evidence areas of ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ practice and identify areas for development.

This is especially effective for reflection on self-evaluation judgements as well as pinpointing areas to focus on in future school development and/or improvement plans.

3. Improvements over time

Quickly demonstrate teaching-over-time progress and areas of improvement shown by standards, individuals, or groups of staff. It is quick and easy to export charts and reports for inclusion in Headteacher reports.

4. Analytics

The analytics tool can identify performance levels against pay scale or department.  Quickly identifying levels of underperformance or overperformance when considering pay progression decisions.

5. Top 5 and Bottom 5

Quickly see the top five areas of practice in the school and the bottom five.

A quick reminder of where the school’s focus needs to be on CPD.


Keep a record and monitor the impact of CPD. Ensure best use of resources, budget and training opportunities. Monitor the effectiveness of training and development provision to inform future provision across the school. Demonstrate support and development for all staff.


Fully editable to create your own dynamic forms that can be updated as and when priorities change to be in line with SDP/SIP objectives. Learning walks, book looks, lesson observations, pupil progress meetings, key stage/department reviews etc.


Demonstrate progress for individuals, groups and the whole school. Reflection for self-evaluation judgements and inform future SDPs/SIPs. With the option to export and save as images or spreadsheet data, these reports can be included in headteacher reports to boards and governors in just a few clicks.

Standards tracker on different devices

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