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The UK employment market rings to the cry of “too many psychologists and not enough skilled tradespersons”, and China is no different. The Chinese government has commenced a series of proactive initiatives to stimulate their Vocational Education sector and UK company “Educate” is working at the core of one of these projects.

The Shandong Provincial Department of Education, under the policies of the National Ministry of Education, has approved a project to be undertaken by the Shandong Engineering Vocational Technology University under the guidance of the Shandong Provincial Institute of Education Sciences. This project focuses on research towards creating instructional standards directly translated as: “Research in Standard Matrix of Professional Competence and Application for Vocational Baccalaureate Colleges Teachers”.

Shandong EVTU is one of the key participating universities in the reform of pathways for vocational students. The MoE has reclassified an increasing number of previously three-year, diploma awarding TVET institutes into four-year degree conferring universities. This has created an urgent need for in-depth analysis of current CPD systems and the subsequent creation of appropriate standards.

Educate, through its flagship product Standards Tracker, has gained an international reputation for the provision of high-end, educational performance management appraisal software systems and will play a significant role in providing data that tracks not only the project’s and teachers’ progress but also the performance of the participating institutes and their all-important relationships with industry.

For more information on this project contact jamesdebass@educate.co.uk

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