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We help headteachers, school leaders, governors and education managers develop and implement best practice staff performance management systems that deliver improved learning.

For more than 15 years we have been thought leaders in the field of managing teacher performance and appraisal. Our approach has been developed and refined based on close collaboration with 4,000 schools in the UK and internationally.

From training and appraisal support to briefings and policy development, we help ensure teachers are simultaneously supported in their professional development and are held accountable for their performance against a clear set of expectations for their level of pay.

These are a collection of our policy templates together with guidance and exemplars from the DfE and Unions. We believe our policies strike the right balance and are not weighted too far in favour of the employee or the employer.

To find out how we have made the whole process of performance management easier, faster and more effective, click on the link below.

You can find downloads for all of the policies in the sidebar to the left of this article on your desktop screen or above the article on a mobile.

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