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The Core Induction Programme for the Early Careers Framework covers the five core areas of the ECF. We have taken these five core areas and created the links to each of the alternative four Providers so that you can compare the materials from each. Schools can use any of the four programmes or mix and match from the materials available. This section focuses on Pedagogy.

Ambition Institute

Foundation of Effective Instruction

Elements of Effective Instruction and Explicit Teaching Approaches

Advanced Practice

Education Development Trust

How Pupils Learn – Memory and Cognition – Year 1

How Pupils Learn – Memory and Cognition – Year 2

Teach First

How do pupils learn?

What makes classroom practice effective?


Engaging Pupils in Learning

Developing Quality Pedagogy


How Pupils Learn
Building On Prior Knowledge
Worked Examples
Worked Examples
Worked And Partially Completed Examples Early Years
Worked and Partially Completed Examples
Instruction For Memory
Retrieval Practice
Teacher Exposition
Mental Models
Worked And Partially Completed Examples
Table of Contents
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