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Lesson Observations – Templates and Examples

Lesson observation templates for Teachers, NQTS and trainees. We have collected examples of templates and rubrics and prompt sheets from around the Web for you to consider when creating your own lesson observation form. Your lesson observation form can be re-created in Standards Tracker so that it is easy to complete and ready to hand, saving you and your team time printing off forms and filing them in folders.

Lesson observations have created some discussion around their usefulness and accuracy. The Gates Foundation carried out a multi-year study in the US to try and identify ways of assessing the quality of teaching. The conclusions from this study and from other research are that for observations to be useful they need to be both frequent and from more than one observer.

Other suggestions are to combine value add scores from student test results to classroom observation “scores” to provide a better measure of teachers in need of more professional development. Again, the use of test scores is controversial as it is difficult to accurately assess the value add provided by one teacher – especially in a secondary school setting where students are taught by more than one teacher for the same subject.

Research shows that the majority of teachers (90%) are rated as mid-level performers with only 7% rated as underperforming and 3% as outperforming. The conclusion from these data is that by just focusing on the bottom 7% will not deliver meaningful gains in students outcomes. Every teacher needs to get individualised feedback and support to develop as a professional and therefore improve student outcomes.

The evidence collected from lesson observation remains an important element of the ‘teaching, learning and assessment’ judgement, as well as for making judgements about the effectiveness of leadership and management. It is therefore a fundamental part of inspection that deserves focused attention.

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