Professional Standards

Teacher Professional Standards

A collection of officially published standards from government and professional bodies.

We have collected together the published standards for different roles within schools. These standards are available within Standards Tracker alongside other informal standards used as a framework for performance by our users.

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Where these standards are all from the UK, we will be adding to this list with standards from around the world to provide exemplars and comparisons.

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Teachers’ Standards – England

We have collected the documents from the Department for Education which can be downloaded using the links below. These standards were published in July 2011 and they represent the latest edition. The DfE did not create a rubric describing performance criteria for each standard but other organisations such as teacher training institutions have done. We have collected some example rubrics which can be seen here.

In June 2016, the National Association for Headteachers (NAHT), UNISON, the National Education Trust, and Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants published professional standards for teaching assistants. The standards are non-statutory and non-mandatory

NASBM School Business Manager Standards