Elizabeth Drake, Principal

Kingswode Hoe

Kingswode Hoe School in Colchester, Essex is a community day special school for pupils aged 5 to 16 who have moderate learning difficulties. Elizabeth Drake, Principal, introduced Standards Tracker to teaching and leadership staff in 2016.

When Elizabeth made the decision to implement Standards Tracker it was because it was part of their drive to become paperless. A paper-based system was in place and it was very onerous to write up each year and then keep track of, as was collecting evidence. It was also a challenge to incorporate the Teachers’ Standards.

Elizabeth wanted a system that was more manageable, where evidence is uploaded and readily available to be viewed at any time, easier to anonymise for governors, quicker and ensured greater clarity around the process. They liked that the standards can be easily liked to targets and outcomes, and that it is clear where each teacher is on the standards and where the whole staff has strengths and areas for improvement.

“The team leaders are happy. The process is simpler and quicker, and teachers are more focussed on providing evidence. It has really pointed out the amount of time we were spending doing it the old-fashioned way!”

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