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Standards Tracker Features

Monitor Teacher Standards

Monitor standards

Standards Tracker makes it easy for you to monitor school staff against specific standards. As well as a range of pre-loaded standards for teachers, leaders, teaching assistants and support staff, Standards Tracker  can also provide examples standards for business managers, office and facilities staff which have been taken from the relevant professional bodies for each occupation, and which you can adapt to suit the roles in your school.

We can upload custom standards that you already use, or we can help you to create bespoke ones. We have significant experience in designing standards that we can apply to ensure that the standards you create meet the ethos of your school.

Store and triangulate evidence

Storing evidence about performance is extremely simple with Standards Tracker. You can add a huge range of files – including word documents, excel sheets, images, PowerPoints and videos. There is also a ‘notes’ section which allows you to provide more commentary.

You can create your own lesson observation, work scrutiny or listening to learners forms in order to triangulate the outcomes of your monitoring procedures.  All forms can be linked to standards, so as colleagues complete forms, they are automatically creating evidence against standards.

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teacher appraisal objectives

Set objectives and goals

With Standards Tracker you can set objectives and clearly link them to the relevant professional standards.

You can set both long-term objectives that run over an entire year, and short-term objectives – for example over one term – which can focus development work on a specific area of identified weakness.

Report on areas of strength and weakness

Standards Tracker provides reports against individuals or all staff that enables you to see, instantly, areas of strength and areas of weakness. This allows leaders to set CPD in problem areas, share good practice and pair up teachers for mentoring purposes and teachers paired for mentoring purposes.

Standards Tracker can generate reports instantly which show current performance and performance over time, meaning you can easily show the impact of the work you are doing to improve teaching standards in your school. All reports can be anonymised for Governors and Inspectors.­­

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