DocKnowledge is a simple, easy way to ensure policies and other important documents have been, read and acknowledged. You issue documents and requests for reading acknowledgement. Colleagues will be alerted to a new document to be aware of and can acknowledge that they’ve read it. It really is very simple and easy to use.

  • You’re running diverse teams; you need to know that they’re all on the same page.
  • You’re responsible, you’re accountable.
  • You need to know that everyone’s read your key documents
  • You need to know everyone’s read the new update to that key document

60 Seconds – we promise.  From start to finish, documents issued and requests for reading acknowledgement made.  We’ll do all the heavy lifting, the chasing and cajoling and tell you what’s what.

Countdown to launch

5. Sign up – 1 minute

4. Link your colleagues – 1 perhaps, 2 minutes – depends how quick you are!

3. Document 1 launched – 1 minute.

2. Sit back and smile – give yourself a minute!

1. 1,2,3,4,5 minutes.  Finito.

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