Teacher Performance Management in a Covid disrupted year

Teacher appraisal covid

Should schools evaluate staff during a disrupted school year? Some Heads are simply waiving all teacher performance management for this past Covid impacted year and will look to start again once schools are fully back up and running. Others are addressing the challenge of providing feedback and evaluating staff in circumstances where teaching must be […]

Change in appraisal judgment leads to constructive dismissal claim and £100k payout

Bethnal Green Academy were found to have unfairly dismissed a PE teacher with 13 years’ experience whose teaching had been found to be consistently highly rated until the appointment of a new Head of Faculty/Director of Learning. Ms Dippenaar’s performance had been reflected in an Ofsted inspection of the school and was supported by pupil […]

Mental health factored into performance management

Mental health factored into performance management  Improved mental health support for teachers could become a central element of school performance management strategies, as new research underlines the damage caused to education by teachers’ highly stressful working conditions. HR professionals have predicted that discussions regarding mental wellness and wellbeing are set to become increasingly common during […]

CPD: an overlooked asset in boosting performance

School leaders are investing less in providing teachers with continuing professional development as budgeting cuts and financial strain lead schools to direct spending towards other areas, new research indicates.  According to statistics published by the Teachers Development Trust, spending on CPD in schools dropped by £23m year-on-year for the 2016-17 school year.  Schools in England […]

Strikes – when appraisal goes wrong.

Strikes as teachers protest “punitive” appraisal policies  Strikes: School leaders have been given pause for concern over their performance appraisal practices as teachers at several schools in England go on strike in protest of their schools’ performance management practices.  Teachers in Solihull and Derbyshire recently held the first of multiple planned days of strike action after raising […]

Support for teachers central to teacher retention

The government has pledged to provide more support for teachers, as measures to aid those in the early stages of their career form a central focus of new policies to boost teacher performance and improve recruitment and retention rates within the profession. In January, government officials announced an “ambitious” new strategy for the teaching profession,with an […]

Supportive performance management and retention

Schools may be able to combat waning teacher retention levels by adjusting their approach to performance management, research suggests. With the number of teachers in state schools dropping to the lowest levels for five years in 2018 and the secondary school pupil population alone predicted to rise by 400,000 (14.7%) by 2027, the staff retention crisis remains […]

Performance boosted by prioritising development

Performance management researchers are heralding the rise of ‘coaching’ styles of management performance, as studies suggest that a focus on individual employees’ development and progression is key to boosting overall workplace performance and productivity.  Surveys suggest that managers who focus on getting to know and understand workers’ individual strengths and maintaining individual employee engagement are […]