Mount Kelly

Adam Reid, Principal Deputy Head

Mount Kelly School

Mount Kelly School is a private, independent, co-educational school in Tavistock for children aged between 3 and 18 offering day, and full boarding.

Adam Reid has been Principal Deputy Head since 2015, and the school have been using Standards Tracker ever since.

Before using Standards Tracker, Mount Kelly’s appraisal and performance management process was cumbersome and bureaucratic: it was a one-off event rather than ongoing. Since implementing Standards Tracker, the school has seen a significant improvement in teaching and learning, as well as in the rigour and breadth of evidence gathering.

Adam says:

“the main reasons for choosing Standards Tracker were the robust and workable system, and the excellent customer support”.

The areas of greatest impact since implementing Standards Tracker have been an overall improvement in teaching and learning and staff development, focussing staff on teaching standards and professional outcomes, making staff accountable for educational outcomes, and driving professional dialogue between staff, as well as between appraisers and appraisees.

“In a recent ISI, inspectors were certainly impressed by the thoroughness of the process.”

“Standards Tracker has enabled us to put teaching standards front and centre. It has also facilitated ongoing professional dialogue amongst colleagues and has encouraged teachers to reflect on their teaching practice.”

Adam also says that the School has benefitted from a positive improvement in differentiation in the classroom.

Adam is planning to roll Standards Tracker out to all support staff and create leadership standards.