Haworth Primary

Helen Thompson, Headteacher

Haworth Primary

Helen Thompson, Headteacher, Haworth Primary School

Haworth Primary School is in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Headteacher Helen Thompson has been using Standards Tracker since 2014. All staff at Haworth Primary School use Standards Tracker.

Two of the main challenges Helen found with their previous PM system was that staff were unable to visualise their performance against the Teacher Standards and collating an overview of Teaching and Learning for Governors was difficult. She looked for a system that was a real-time, responsive system which provided easy to read visual reports, reduce the amount of paperwork and ensure all monitoring was linked to professional standards.

“We had worked with Educate for a number of years developing a range of materials for Performance Management and this system matched our ethos and provided the flexibility to personalise the materials to meet the needs of the school.”

“The reputation of Educate and the knowledge of the team was one of the main reasons for choosing Standards Tracker. We had absolute confidence that this would be a high-quality product. The team are also very responsive and have taken onboard feedback as Standards Tracker has developed. The system was intuitive and easy for staff at all levels to access and manage. The range of overview reports provides an excellent real-time summary across the school.”

In terms of impact, Helen said:

“Monitoring against the SDP is better as is the consistency of performance management across appraisal leaders. We know that Standards Tracker makes the whole appraisal process and monitoring far more streamlined.”