Beaconsfield High

Rachel Smith, Headteacher

Beaconsfield High School

Beaconsfield High School is an outstanding grammar academy school in Buckinghamshire. Rachel Smith, Headteacher, introduced Standards Tracker within the first year of her headship in the summer of 2016. All pupil facing staff use Standards Tracker, leadership, teachers and LSAs.

Rachel had a long list of requirements for a new performance management process and system. She wanted something that enabled increased staff engagement as well as engagement with specific areas of their school development plan, a system which provided parity of experience for all teachers and middle leaders, and that helped to reduce teacher workload.

She also wanted a system to improve the robust nature of objectives, have a more focussed consideration of impact rather than narratives of actions, and better consistency. It was also an excellent chance for her to show the level of moderation she does to governors.

Rachel and her SLT looked at other providers as well as internal processes in other schools before ultimately choosing Standards Tracker. ͞The opportunities to work with Educate to personalise our version and add to the process was vital. We included the staff in our decision-making process. Staff had two options and voted to choose Standards Tracker.

The impact of Standards Tracker has been felt across the school.

“It is now much easier to check the progress of PM leaders, and we have better communication. The difference is that we have become more focussed and less narrative driven, and staff feel able to add information to their tracker along the year rather than feel the great strain at the mid-term and end of cycle reviews.”