A shared leadership approach

Cultivating a shared leadership approach Leadership in UK schools has evolved greatly in recent decades, with senior and middle leaders now both playing a shared leadership role in overseeing day-to-day performance and developing whole school policy and vision. As traditional, top-down – in which head teachers serve as monolithic entities making nearly all decisions and instructing other staff […]

Mental health factored into performance management

Mental health factored into performance management  Improved mental health support for teachers could become a central element of school performance management strategies, as new research underlines the damage caused to education by teachers’ highly stressful working conditions. HR professionals have predicted that discussions regarding mental wellness and wellbeing are set to become increasingly common during […]

CPD: an overlooked asset in boosting performance

School leaders are investing less in providing teachers with continuing professional development as budgeting cuts and financial strain lead schools to direct spending towards other areas, new research indicates.  According to statistics published by the Teachers Development Trust, spending on CPD in schools dropped by £23m year-on-year for the 2016-17 school year.  Schools in England […]

Inspections – 1-in-2 school leaders term ineffective

Schools in England are no longer to be punished for failing to meet standards in national exams or tests, thanks to policy reforms pledged by the government.  The measure was amongst those unveiled by Education Secretary Damian Hinds last year, as part of the Department for Education’s new strategy to boost teacher recruitment and retainment levels.  School leaders and […]