Dashboard for Teacher Development

Standards Tracker

A fast, easy-to-use, two-way performance management system designed with top-performing schools in mind offering complete flexibility. At Educate, we’ve worked with over 4,000 schools to develop this online system to make disorganised one-off appraisal reviews a thing of the past.

I now have a positive outlook on my career development.  I understand the process involved, and I have a clear expectation of how it unfolds.  The open and transparent nature of the system provides me with a greater sense of trust and belonging to my organisation.

It is easy to:

    • self-reflect and accept challenge from my peers and line managers

    • follow my personalised development plan
    • demonstrate progression with evidence against standards and objectives

    • feel that the process is developmental rather than judgmental

I now have more engaging conversations with my team who are more relaxed about the process now that it is clear and structured.  My workload has reduced having moved away from a paper-based system, and I find the process so much more manageable.

It is easy to:

      • review and monitor performance regularly over time,
      • schedule time for feedback conversations,
      • access everything from one place – no more leafing through reams of paper
      • track conversations, reviews and objectives at the click of a button.

I have a clear overview of our appraisal and feedback process.  I can demonstrate improvement and progression against development plans. I can quickly produce clear, visual representations of how the school is improving and progressing for governors, staff and Ofsted.

It is easy to:

      • quickly show governors and inspectors the impact of CPD across all staff members,
      • See a summary of a teacher using the Teacher on a Page view
      • demonstrate the effectiveness of leadership and management
      • inform future improvement objectives based on my analysis of reports and where there is the greatest need for improvement,
      • use talented staff within the school to coach and lead CPD, ensuring cost-effective use of resources.

“Standards Tracker has impacted my career significantly. I had a lot of evidence that built up over one year showing I was going above and beyond, and as a result I was rewarded with two points progression.”
Jonathan Hunter-Kelm
Teacher at Killinghall Primary School

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