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Standards Tracker is the performance management system that ensures your school or organisation can:

Turn performance management into a continuous development programme

Standards Tracker transforms the appraisal process in your school. It is no longer something that happens 2 or 3 times a year – rather it is an ongoing process that monitors performance and allows short-term objectives to be set that get to the heart of development needs.

Strategically target development priorities based on accurate information

Standards Tracker allows you to produce instant reports on teaching strengths and areas of weakness. You can then direct professional development objectives to tackle any problem areas.

Provide governors and Ofsted with simple, effective summaries of performance against specific teaching standards

Standards Tracker allows you to store evidence (e.g. lesson observations, workbook scrutinies) in one location, against all teaching standards. You can store almost any form of evidence including scans, photos, PDFs, word documents and many more. The system allows you to make professional judgements which are robust against challenge. Standards Tracker will demonstrate that your leadership team is on top of performance issues.

Highlight areas of development need and demonstrate clearly what you are doing to address areas of weakness and show the impact of the progress in the quality of teaching and learning

Standards Tracker can generate reports instantly which show current performance and performance over time, meaning you can easily show the impact of the work you are doing to improve teaching standards and the quality of learning in your school.

Make robust performance related pay decisions

Standards Tracker enables your staff to clearly document evidence of progression and performance. Using the system, both the appraiser and the appraisee can add evidence to demonstrate how a member of staff is (or isn’t) meeting expectations.

You can review evidence throughout the year and agree judgements through ongoing professional dialogue. This means when the time comes for making a judgement on performance related pay, there should be no surprises or unexpected challenges.

Standards Tracker has been developed based on nearly 20 years of experience working with senior leaders, governors and inspectors on performance management.

You're in good company - over 20,000 school staff members use Standards Tracker (and more each day). Available to all sectors, from nurseries and village primaries to large secondary schools. Standards Tracker is also used by many independent schools, special schools, further educational establishments and international schools.

Standards Tracker is a web-based application that can be securely accessed from anywhere in the world on desktops, laptops, tablets or even on your smart phone.

Standards Tracker enables staff to:

Take ownership of the development of their performance

Too often, performance management and appraisal is seen by teachers as a tick box exercise that is done to them, that doesn’t provide effective feedback or result in any career development.

Standards Tracker readdresses that balance and makes performance management a two-way process where staff feel empowered and in control of their career development.

Understand their strengths and areas for improvement and development

The starting point for Standards Tracker is with staff carrying out a self-audit against clear standards. They have the opportunity to honestly assess themselves and discuss with their senior colleagues before they’re agreed.

Following this, professional development objectives will be set against areas identified where improvements are needed.

Be supported by the right people in your organisation

Standards Tracker can save a school thousands of pounds in development training. It enables you to see where different strengths and weaknesses occur within your teaching staff. Good practice can be shared and teachers can be paired for mentoring purposes.

There may well be no need to invest in external support – Standards Tracker can help you easily identify support within your organisation.

Standards Tracker can be bespoke and individualised to your needs no matter what assessment frameworks you are working under or which country you are in.

Find out more about other features of Standards Tracker.

Not just for teaching staff

Standards Tracker can be used for all members of staff in your organisation, including office and facilities staff.

Standards Tracker contains standards for TAs, HLTAs, School Business Managers, the SENCO, and the Caretaker / Site Manager. You can also upload your own standards or add in specific standards linked to individual roles for other members of staff, including administration and finance staff.

Support and training

We provide full system training, set-up and follow-up strategic support, as well as access to high-level training on performance management processes and rationale.

Our online training system provides the opportunity to learn at your own pace and in your own time. It allows you to be reflective on instruction and go back at any point to refresh.

The vast majority of Standards Tracker schools opt for our Total Quality Experience support package. Find out more about TQE here.

Don’t just take our word for it

Standards Tracker enables us to keep pushing to be the best that we can be, with the highest standards of teaching.

Nikki Hill, Head Teacher, Greatfield Park Primary School, Cheltenham

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