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Great Goals and Regular Feedback: The Heart of What We Do

Standards Tracker brings everything together in one place to track and improve your organisation. From strategic development plans to staff appraisals; learning and development to wellbeing, it is the ultimate tool for bringing structure to your growth and improvement.

Teacher appraisal objectives


Everything In One Place

Standards Tracker brings together all the tools you need to ensure staff and organisational goals are always aligned and on track.

With modules for self-evaluation, school development, appraisals, and employee engagement, it’s easy to manage your organisation and have real-time oversight across the board in just a few clicks.

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Continuous Performance Management

Instant oversight across all users at any time means you can establish areas for improvement before they become areas of concern.

Access records, review goal progress and moderate feedback.

Use dashboard reports to identify gaps in your appraisal process and make sure staff are fully engaged with their development.

03 Plan

Collaborate on Focused Plans

Set your focus areas through your Self-Evaluation module, or at department or subject level, and know you’re working on the things that matter.

Use easy share settings to assign action plans to the relevant teams, and always keep up to date with customisable progress indicators to quickly identify development goals that are going off-track.
Read and write permission sets mean you can share your progress effortlessly with relevant parties.


Customisable Evaluations to Drive Results

Uncomplicated analysis using built-in or custom evaluation frameworks.

Delegate department assessment to relevant teams, saving you hours of time, and create milestones to track organisational goals.

Easily identify weaknesses using custom-built evaluation criteria and link with planning items to demonstrate strategic direction to parties both in and outside the organisation.

05 Learn

Intelligent Career Development

Staff can undertake CPD and training events and assess these against the frameworks for effectiveness, creating a comprehensive record of learning and development in the system.

With our new Learn module, staff can benefit from ongoing personal development and take charge of their own strengths and weaknesses by enrolling onto courses created by you within your system.


Keep a record and monitor the impact of CPD. Ensure the best use of resources, budget and training opportunities. Monitor the effectiveness of training and development provision to inform future provision across the organisation. 


Fully editable dynamic forms that can be updated as and when priorities change to be in line with organisation’s mission and objectives. Data and documents can be tagged to the relevant priorities to evidence progress.


Quick reports show you at a glance where progress has been made and identify strengths and weaknesses. Helping inform you of your future strategic priorities. With the option to export and save as images or spreadsheet data, these reports can be included in reports to boards in just a few clicks.

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